Instructional Planning

MajorClarity provides flexible curriculum resources to complement all instructional cadences and delivery models. 

Frameworks incorporate a variety of stand-alone lesson plans available in the Secondary Learning tab.

Secondary Pacing - OLD VERSIONS

Three-lesson curriculum frameworks provide a great starting point for introducing students to the MajorClarity platform. Featured lessons focus on "need-to-know" platform features and functions, including site access and navigation, as well as foundational knowledge that supports a meaningful, student-driven academic & career planning process.

The recommended cadence for 16-lesson frameworks is 30-45 minutes, 3-4 X weekly for Unit Plan pacing, and 3-4 X quarterly for Annual Rotations. 

These pacing guides provide a broader scope of learning units, organized by grade level cohorts - grade 6, grades 7 & 8, and grades 9-12.