Career Development Lessons

Green Careers

In this lesson students will:
  • Understand and define the term “green career” & identify 3 sub-categories
  • View occupation videos for careers from each green career subcategory
  • Research & record career cluster, career path, salary, & related careers for each featured occupation (1 per category)
  • Participate in a discussion
Green Careers Slide Deck.pdf
Green Jobs WS
Green Careers Teaching Guide

Bright Outlook Careers

In this lesson students will:
  • Identify common traits of careers that are considered to have a “Bright Outlook”
  • Differentiate between the 5 Job Zones
  • View occupation videos for 5 featured occupations, one per Job Zone
  • Research & record career cluster, career path, salary, & related careers for each
Bright Outlook Careers Slide Deck
Bright Outlook Careers WS
Bright Outlook Careers Teaching Guide

Careers w/ Largest Employment

In this lesson students will:
  • Identify the top ten Largest Employment Careers nationwide for which the minimum education requirement is a diploma
  • View overview videos for 3 featured careers
  • Research and record the career cluster, career path, annual salary, and related careers for each occupation
  • Participate in a discussion
Largest Employment Careers Slide Deck
Largest Employment Careers WS
Largest Employment Careers Teaching Guide

Highest Paying Careers

In this lesson students will:
  • Identify the top ten Highest Paying Careers nationwide for which the typical minimum
education requirement is some college
  • View overview videos for 3 careers
  • Research and record the career cluster, career path, salary, and related careers
  • Participate in a discussion
Highest Paying Careers Slide Deck
Highest Paying Careers WS
Highest Paying Jobs Teaching Guide

Monthly Theme Lessons

Careers in Healthcare

Healthcare Awareness Month - JANUARY

In this lesson students will:
Explore occupations from three healthcare-related career paths: Nursing, Medical Services, and Healthcare Administration, to -
  • Make connections between wage information and required levels of education
  • Identify occupations of interest to be saved to their list of Favorites
  • Conduct a test drive to determine and rate career path compatibility
Healthcare Awareness Lesson Plan + Student WS.pdf
Copy of Healthcare Awareness Student WS

Career & Technical Education


In this lesson students will:
  • Test drive 4 career paths
  • Rate compatibility and identify career cluster
  • Analyze occupations to determine required education & training, skill sets, and salary info
  • Complete a CTE Word Search to expand vocabulary
CTE Month Lesson Plan + Student WS.pdf
CTE Month Word search.pdf
CTE Month Student WS

Music in Our Schools


In this lesson students will:
  • Assess prior knowledge of music-related occupations
  • Compare and contrast common tasks, abilities, knowledge, education and skill requirements for Performing Arts careers
  • Identify occupations in industries outside of the Performing Arts field that incorporate music performance or management
  • Complete a Careers in Music WebQuest
MIOSM Lesson Plan + Student Worksheets.pdf
MIOSM Student Worksheets

Career Connections

Enrichment - APRIL

In this lesson, students will:
  • Understand professionals from a variety of industries often work in partnership
  • Make predictions about potential items or services that people from different industries could produce in collaboration
  • Identify contributing factors at different stages of product development
Career Connections Lesson Slide Deck.pdf
Career Connections Student WS - PDF
Career Connections Lesson Plan.pdf

Summer Goal Planning

Recommitment Month - MAY

In this lesson, students will:
  • Complete a Learning Styles Assessment to review, discuss, and record results
  • Identify compatible study strategies for each learning style
  • Complete a Summer Goal graphic organizer
  • Expand or update content in the “My Career Plan” tab
Recommitment Month Lesson Slide Deck.pdf
Summer Goal Planning Graphic Organizer.pdf

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Transferable Skills Month - SEPTEMBER

In this lesson, students will:
  • Differentiate between technical and soft skills
  • Inventory personal experiences to identify mastery levels for a variety of in-demand soft skills
  • Navigate the MajorClarity platform to review and update digital resume to reflect noted areas of strength as determined with transferable skills inventory
Transferable Skills Lesson Slide Deck.pdf
Transferable Skills Lesson Plan + Student Worksheets.pdf

Computer Literacy

National Computer Learning Month - OCT

In this lesson, students will:
  • Define the terms Career Cluster and Information Technology
  • Navigate the platform to learn about jobs in the Network Systems Administration, Software Programming, & Telecom Tech career paths
  • Apply active listening skills to view interview clips with an expert from each tech-heavy field, and rate compatibility
IT Careers Lesson Slide Deck.pdf
IT Careers Lesson Plan + Student Worksheet.pdf

MajorClarity Career Paths

Election Month Enrichment - NOVEMBER

In this lesson, students will:
  • Inventory personal platform activity and task completion progress
  • Conduct career path test drives to deepen and expand awareness of unfamiliar industries and occupations
  • Cast ballots in the MajorClarity Elections:
    • Most Favorite Career Path
    • Least Favorite Career Path
    • Career Path I Want to Learn More About
MC Elections Lesson Plan + Student WS.pdf
List of Career Paths.pdf

Nobel Prize-Winning Careers

Enrichment - DECEMBER

In this lesson, students will:
  • Research and record information about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes
  • Navigate the platform to explore career paths and careers related to the 6 Nobel Prize categories
  • Identify and record key traits of occupations from three different career paths: Chemistry, Economics, and Journalism
Nobel Prize Lesson Plan + Student WS + Key.pdf
Nobel Prize facts handout (optional).pdf