MajorClarity Power Users

According to the K-12 Career & College Readiness Benchmark report, engaging a range of stakeholders in career readiness efforts is one of the greatest struggles for school districts across the country.

But building buy-in from staff can make or break any curricular implementation. 

So how do you translate the district-level excitement for a new program to get school-level staff excited and using the platform too? Beyond kick-offs, regular training, and ready-to-use curriculum, one way MajorClarity partners are driving usage outcomes is by launching a School Power User program.

Below, you’ll find all the tools you need to launch a School Power User program at your school district.

The Power User program

Though we use a broad swath of metrics to measure the health of an implementation, we find that the best data for change management is data that is simple and easily accessed. 

To qualify as a Power User, partners must meet all three of the following measures:

Why these metrics? They're intentionally set to exceed industry averages 👉 Read more about the method behind the metrics here.

Identifying Schools that Meet The Power User Bar

MajorClarity reports make it easy to identify these stats for each of your campuses within the School Usage Report under the administrator reporting panel.

👉 🎥 Watch this 6-minute video for a step-by-step walkthrough

Awarding Power User Status

Once you’ve identified your School Power Users, it’s time to acknowledge them! 

We’ve created a couple of files that you can customize to give it an air of ceremony.

Celebrating Power User Success & Fostering Competition

One of the most powerful effects of the School Power User program can be to foster healthy competition among school sites by setting a quantifiable bar for success.

Some of the innovative ways our partners are leveraging the Power User program to motivate principals and school leaders include:

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