Curriculum content has been developed with flexibility in mind to complement a variety of instructional delivery models, cadences, and presentation formats. Featured pacing guide resources are hyperlinked within each framework, and are available as standalone lesson plans in the Secondary Learning tab.

3-Lesson Frameworks (Secondary)

Three-lesson curriculum frameworks provide a great starting point for introducing students to the MajorClarity platform.

Featured lessons focus on "need-to-know" platform features and functions, including site access and navigation, and foundational knowledge that supports a meaningful, student-driven academic & career planning process.

12-Lesson Frameworks (Secondary)

The recommended cadence for using MajorClarity in a 12-lesson framework is 30-45 minute sessions 3X weekly for Unit Plan pacing, OR 3x per quarter/marking period for Annual Rotation models.

Quarterly Pacing (Elementary)

Grades 4 & 5

Suggested curriculum pacing for fourth and fifth grade students using the Elementary platform is 3X per quarter; framework includes 19 lessons. In addition to three introductory lessons, each career exploration lesson introduces students to "residents" (occupations) found in one of sixteen "regions" of the platform (career clusters).

For districts only licensing fifth grade students, pacing can be modified to cover all 16 career clusters during the students' fifth grade year.

Elementary MajorClarity Pacing Guide Template

Customizable Templates

Templates are available in a variety of formats to assist your team in the development of a customized framework to support staff and student usage of MajorClarity in your district.

MC Customizable HyperDeck

To enable editing of the Google Slides version of this template, make a copy of the file and save it to your Google Drive account. Once the item has been added to your Drive, you can adjust editing and sharing permissions to your liking.