Instructional Planning

4-12 Grade Pacing - NEW!

This comprehensive curriculum framework includes 8-lesson pacing guides (2 per quarter) to support MajorClarity platform usage across all grade levels (4-12) throughout the duration of the school year. 

PACING GUIDE -new (1).pdf

Elementary Pacing

Elementary pacing guides are available in two versions to accommodate districts with licensing of both grades 4 and 5, as well as districts licensing grade 5 ONLY.

In addition to an introductory lesson plan, there are 16 career exploration lessons, each with a video slide deck presentation. Elementary lessons are available in the Elementary Learning tab as stand-alone lessons.

PACING GUIDE -new (2).pdf

Secondary Pacing

Secondary pacing guides are available in an 8-lesson format for each grade level, 6-12. Frameworks are available in two PDF files: 6-8, 9-12. Most lesson plans featured in the secondary pacing guides are available in the Secondary Learning tab as stand-alone lessons.

Looking for older versions of MC pacing guides (3-lesson and 16-lesson frameworks)?

PACING GUIDE -new (3).pdf
PACING GUIDE -new (4).pdf

Advisory Model Framework

Use this guide to support Advisor Admin in utilizing tools and data from MajorClarity when meeting with students to facilitate meaningful conversations around student postsecondary and career plans and to ensure students are meeting district goals and tasks for successful career and college readiness.

Advisor Framework