Instructional Planning

Summer Learning

Looking for ways to incorporate MajorClarity into summer programming? 

Summer school is a great time for field trips and student presentations in support of CCR! Check out the Summer Learning guide for recommendations. 

Summer Learning

4-12 Grade Pacing - NEW!

This comprehensive curriculum framework includes 8-lesson pacing guides (2 per quarter) to support MajorClarity platform usage across all grade levels (4-12) throughout the duration of the school year. 

PACING GUIDE -new (1).pdf

Elementary Pacing

Elementary pacing guides are available in two versions to accommodate districts with licensing of both grades 4 and 5, as well as districts licensing grade 5 ONLY.

In addition to an introductory lesson plan, there are 16 career exploration lessons, each with a video slide deck presentation. Elementary lessons are available in the Elementary Learning tab as stand-alone lessons.

PACING GUIDE -new (2).pdf

Secondary Pacing

Secondary pacing guides are available in an 8-lesson format for each grade level, 6-12. Frameworks are available in two PDF files: 6-8, 9-12. Most lesson plans featured in the secondary pacing guides are available in the Secondary Learning tab as stand-alone lessons.

Looking for older versions of MC pacing guides (3-lesson and 16-lesson frameworks)?

PACING GUIDE -new (3).pdf
PACING GUIDE -new (4).pdf