Professional Learning Courses

As a team of educators, we know that the design behind CCR initiatives only gets you so far—implementation matters.

To ensure maximum impact, we've designed a series of on-demand professional learning opportunities for staff within your organizations who will be using MajorClarity, designed to promote both CCR best practices and deepen your organization's use of the platform.

Login to your MajorClarity admin user account ( and navigate to the Professional Learning tab.

Prof Learning: Staff User Guide.pdf
PL Courses - One Pager + FAQs.pdf

Course Overviews

PL Course Overview: Building An Impactful Work-Based Learning Program.pdf
PL Course Overview: Data-Informed Planning: Master Schedule, Budget, & Staffing.pdf
PL Course Overview: Using MajorClarity To Build IEP Transition Plans.pdf
PL Course Overview: CCR Best Practices for College Hopefuls.pdf
PL Course Overview: Improving CCR Delivery With the Teacher Advisory Model.pdf