Staff Accounts & Resources

Admin Role Types

Staff user accounts are assigned during the initial data integration process of partner onboarding and can be managed throughout the year by District Admin users from the Staff tab.  For more information about this process, contact your Customer Success manager or email

Click the titles below to view user guides and tutorial videos by role type. 

Advisor Admin

Advisor Admin accounts are most often assigned to instructional teaching staff who need access to a specific cohort of students during the school year. There is no limit to the number of Advisor accounts a student user can be linked to. 

Student rosters for Advisor Admin are enabled via the Classroom Code feature, and are configured upon the Advisor's initial login to the platform.

School Admin

School Admin accounts are most often assigned to counseling staff, career development and instructional curriculum coordinators, Special Education teachers and service providers, and building-level administrators and department leads. School Admin users do not use the Classroom Code method to add students to their rosters in MajorClarity - all licensed student users assigned to the same building as a School Admin user will automatically display in their Students tab. 

Contact your Customer Success manager or email if you are a school admin user in need of access to students in multiple locations. 

District Admin

District Admin accounts are reserved for district-level department leads, and coordinators (SPED, CTE, Counseling, Student Services, Career Services, WBL, etc.) requiring access to all licensed users in MajorClarity. All licensed students will automatically populate in the Students tab for District Admin users. 

District Admin can customize pathways at the district level, edit/add staff accounts, configure grade-level portfolio tasks, and access district-wide student surveys, analytics, and reporting data.

WBL Admin

School and District Admin users with the added "WBL Admin" role type can manage Work-Based Learning Partner Profiles, post WBL Opportunities, and configure WBL Types. Users with this added distinction have the ability to configure and facilitate the WBL application, approval, and placement process for districts licensing MajorClarity's full WBL add-on suite.

For information about configuring WBL Employer Admin accounts for non-district staff and community partners providing WBL opportunities to students in your district, contact your Customer Success manager or email