High School Core Subject Lessons

Each core content lesson highlights a series of occupations related to one of five academic subject areas: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and the Arts. Lesson plans include engaging career overview videos provided by O-NET.

Careers in English

Featured Occupations

Public Relations Specialists

Speech and Language Pathologists 


Careers in English (HS) Slide Deck

Careers in Mathematics

Featured Occupations

Industrial Engineers

Claims Examiners: Property & Casualty Insurance


Careers in Math (HS) Slide Deck

Careers in Social Studies

Featured Occupations



Urban & Regional Players

Careers in Social Studies (HS) Slide Deck

Careers in Science

Featured Occupations

Biochemists & Biophysicists

Food Scientists & Technologists

Exercise Physiologists

Careers in Science (HS) Slide Deck

Careers in the Arts

Featured Occupations

Video Production 



Careers in the Arts (HS) Slide Deck