Middle School Core Subject Lessons

Each core content lesson highlights a series of occupations related to one of five academic subject areas: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and the Arts. Lesson plans include engaging career overview videos provided by O-NET.

Careers in Mathematics

Featured Occupations

Aerospace Engineers


Financial Examiners


Careers in Math (MS) Slide Deck

Careers in Science

Featured Occupations

Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

Materials Scientists

Veterinary Assistants & Lab Animal Caretakers

Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Careers in Science (MS) Slide Deck

Careers in English

Featured Occupations

Reporters and Correspondents

Radio and Television Announcers

Property and Real Estate Managers

Advertising & Promotions Managers

Careers in English (MS) Slide Deck

Careers in Social Studies

Featured Occupations



Regulatory Affairs Managers


Careers in Social Studies (MS) Slide Deck

Careers in the Arts

Featured Occupations

Multimedia Artists & Animators 

Floral Designers

Music Directors

Set and Exhibit Designers

Careers in the Arts (MS) Slide Deck